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After using Schoology intensively this year, I have a couple of feature requests:

1) ALWAYS SHOW COMMENTS: In an assignment, please change the default to always show comments to students. Change the check box button to "do not show comment to students". If we're spending the time to give feedback on an assignment, we most likely want the student to see it.

2) ROTATE ORIENTATION OF SUBMITTED FILE: In an assignment where the student submits a file, say a 'pdf', it would be lovely to have the ability to rotate the orientation of the file if the student submits a pdf that is upside down.

3) REGRADE ASSESSMENT BUTTON: When students take an assessment, I often find a mistake or two in my answer key. Sometimes, it's not a mistake, it's a solution I think deserves partial credit. After students submit their assessment, it would be nice to have a way to regrade all of my classes instead of having to go into 150 separate tests to give partial credit or correct a mistake.


i) SCROLLING: When looking at student submissions for a Google Apps linked assignment, the assignment on the right does not scroll with the names of the students on the left. This means once I get 10 students into the assignment, I'm spending more time scrolling up to the assignment and back down to the students than I am looking at student work.

ii) TOO MUCH CLICKING: When grading a Google Assignment, Schoology opens an unnecessary dialogue box that cases at least two more clicks. it forces me to click "submit" with my mouse button rather than with the 'return/enter' key. Can we handle the grading of submissions similar to the regular Schoology assignments?

iii) NEXT SUBMISSION: Please create a way to move to the next student's assignment submission rather than making me click on each individual student. This is already a feature in a normal assignment submission. Can we do something similar with Google App linked assignments?


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    Matt Deutsch

    YES! Always show comments should be the default! 

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