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Welcome to Schoology Feature Ideas!


Your product feedback is very valuable to us. Schoology was built based on user feedback such as yours!  

Before you post your first (or latest) feature idea, a few things to keep in mind:

  • - Although we review all submissions, it’s not possible, due to the high volume of requests, to personally respond to every posted request.
  • - Even seemingly simple product ideas may be more complex than you might expect or may wait in line as part of a larger development schedule.  Please be patient, the good stuff IS coming!

So, you want to write a great Feature Idea? Let's review a few ground rules...

✓ Please only post Schoology Feature Ideas. If you have a question about Schoology you need to be answered, please use our Q&A forums - Instructors | Students

✓ Before you post, SEARCH to see if someone already posted your idea. If you find your idea already exists, UPVOTE IT! If you want to add onto the idea or provide encouragement, leave a comment on the existing Feature Idea post. If you don't find your idea, POST IT! But keep in mind:

✱ Please limit ONE idea per post.

✱ Provide a concise title (No CAPS, please!)

✱ Be descriptive, provide use cases and scenarios (Our engineers love these!)

Thank you!



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    Paritosh Tyagi Official comment

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for posting in the Schoology Community.

    We understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience that you are facing. Here is how the process of feature ideas works at Schoology.

    Your school may have its own process for bringing requests to administrators. While you can certainly send your request directly to Schoology, your school may be able to advocate for your idea by organizing its own set of top requests.


    Paritosh Tyagi, Schoology team

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    There needs to be an "End Date" setting for assignments in Schoology. That way, if you have a late work policy in your class, you can have Schoology set an auto grade if a grade hasn't been entered in the field for a specific student. 

    Example: Johnny's math homework was due on Monday, but your late work policy allows him to turn it in the next Monday at a lower grade. If he doesn't turn in the assignment by that second Monday, we need a setting in Schoology that will auto mark it a 0.

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    Steve Dockter

    Why does it matter anyways to post these?  I had 11 upvotes on mine and you couldn't even respond.

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