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Schoology Community Guidelines


Welcome to the Schoology Community!  

The Schoology Community is a place for Schoology users to connect and collaborate on important topics they face in education, best practices for using Schoology with their students, and for help figuring out certain features in the platform.  We rely on our members of the community to support each other and guide each other to the Help Center for answers. 

We encourage and welcome interaction and communication in our community, as long as you observe these important community rules: 

  1. 1. Be respectful. 

Respect people's time and attention by asking well-thought-out questions and sharing what you've learned so far in your experimentation or prior research. Respect people as individuals by keeping your tone positive and your comments constructive.  

  1. 2. Be relevant. 

Make sure your contributions are relevant to the community, and to the specific area and topic where you post. Please do not post duplicate messages in different areas of the community to avoid fragmenting discussion. If you have a new question, start a new thread rather than interrupting a conversation. Solicitations are rarely relevant. If you have something you want members to join, participate in, or buy, ask us first.  

  1. 3. Keep your word. 

Don't post anything that would violate any contractual agreements (copyright, trade secret or otherwise) or nondisclosure agreements to which you are a party.  

  1. 4. Protect privacy - yours and others. 

Don't share anything about yourself or your organization that you would not want to see shared publicly. Share your business email address if you wish, but don't post personal information-your own or anyone else's-including contact information or any content that you receive in one-to-one communications without the author's consent.  For more guidance, please review our  Privacy Policy

  1. 5. Remember, this is user-generated content. 

You'll find plenty of good advice here, but remember that your situation, configuration, or implementation may vary from that of the individual sharing a solution. Some advice you find here may even be wrong. Apply the same good judgment here that you would apply to information anywhere on the Internet.  

By using our Community and public groups, you agree to follow these rules as well as the full  Terms of Use for the Schoology Community. We thank you, and your fellow community members thank you.    


We want this to be the best community it can possibly be - so let us know what you think, or how we can help improve your experience in the Community by visiting our Schoology Features Ideas Forum.

If you have any questions about our guidelines, terms, or policies, let us know by posting in the forum and our Community Communications Specialist(s) will follow up with you.  Please make sure you are logged into your Schoology account before submitting questions or feedback. 

To learn more about features available with the Enterprise solution, please visit You can fill out the form to schedule a meeting with one of Schoology's edtech specialists and get a walkthrough of the Schoology Enterprise LMS platform . 

We are happy to help!  



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