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Can't sync some assignments with powerschool


I have been having trouble with syncing assignments to powerschool.  When I attempt to view the error it says "cannot sync assignments and grades" which I have been unable to figure out why.  Other assignments will still sync it is just a few that will not.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. 

    Can you confirm the categories are mapped and the titles are shortened for the assignments that are not syncing over to PowerSchool? 

    Also, have you attempted to re-sync the assignments?

    If the issue continues to persist after performing the troubleshooting steps above, I recommend reaching out to your school's designated Support Contact(s) to help you submit a ticket. Your Support Contact(s) will also have better knowledge of the specific settings employed at your organization that can aid in troubleshooting. 


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product


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