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So in Schoology, when you click on an assignment, you have the instructions of the assignment in the middle of the screen, however, when you open the "Submit Assignment" to start working on the assignment, a box appears in the middle of the screen, this is problematic because if you want to do the assignment IN Schoology via the "create" tab, you can't see the instructions while working. My proposed solution: make the box that pops up with the create, upload, etc.. tabs when you try to submit an assignment, make it movable as if it were its own tab, or like the pop-up chat in schoology this way you can move the box to for example the top right so you can type and look back at the instructions.


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    Philip Pulley Ed.D.

    This is also true with A/V recording. The box can't be moved so language teachers can't use it for having students practice speaking as the box covers up what they want them to say/record.

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