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Transferring student work


I understand how to transfer a grade, but what if a student is moving from an in-person class to an online class and you want to transfer the work they have already submitted to the new class? Is this possible?




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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    How are you recording grades for the in-person class? If you are entering the grades in Schoology, you can export the grades from the original course and then import them into the new course. 

    If you are currently recording grades in Schoology, you can enroll the student in the new course and manually enter his/her grade in the Schoology gradebook. 


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    Aron Sterling Admin

    Every time this comes up, someone talks about transferring grades. Does transferring the grades also move the uploaded or completed assignment (the work), as well? In other words: I create an assignment where students have to upload an image. The students uploads the image and submits the assignment. I grade the assignment. I find out the student is moving classes. Can I or the student get that upload image or the entire assignment back somehow? (Perhaps using a portfolio feature or a download feature?)

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