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Messaging in Schoology


I want to be able to go to a student's profile and see all messages that have gone back and forth with each student. I would like to do the same with their parents. Apps like Class Dojo and Remind do this very well, but I would like Schoology to be a "one stop shop" for parents and students. I have looked into the Remind integration with Schoology, but it doesn't look like it would solve this problem either. The messaging system needs a major overhaul to compete with other platforms and to meet the needs of teachers who are using it. When a student is struggling academically, teachers need to go back and find (and sometimes print) message threads to show that they have been communicating their concerns to parents/guardians. Teachers may need to look back at student messages as well. 

I like that we can send group messages, but there really isn't a way to go back and find those messages either once other messages have been added. 



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