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I would love the ability to add specific feedback for each question on Schoology assessments. Both when I am grading each question as well as when students can receive instant feedback. Is this something available that I am just missing? Or is it something that is being worked on? Thank you!



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    Nina Rivera Official comment

    Hi all,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    The ability for instructors to provide item-level feedback on Managed Assessment ( AMP) and Course Assessments is currently on our Product Roadmap.

    I recommend following our Product Roadmap to track the progress and the release of this feature. 

    In order to follow items on our roadmap, click Follow on each section of the roadmap:

    1. In Research

    2. In Development

    3. Completed


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    Nicholas Dawes (Nick)

    You're not missing it; that feature does not yet exist. At our school, we would love to be able to add feedback to assessments for our kids so that they know why they got something wrong and can improve next time.

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    Major bummer. And that’s what I am looking for too. Because each question is different. I’ve been using rubrics and they are helpful to an extent, but not exactly what I’m looking for. Hopefully this will come soon.

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    Ms. Razvi


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    David Weinstein

    Ditto!!! Please add this feature to SGY ASAP!!!!!  

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    Ms. McKay

    I'm glad that you have added the ability for teachers to give students feedback on individual questions when they are grading assessments.  However, Assessments still lacks an important feedback feature from Test/Quiz.  Teachers need to be able to provide automatic feedback for answers, so that the assessment can be used as individual practice.  An example of this:  If students get question wrong, feedback could say, "review chapter 11, pages 117-119." even better would be the ability to put in a link, so students could click to access the review material.

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    Anna Munoz

    Thank you for adding individual feedback as an option.
    But we find PROACTIVE feedback is a highly useful tool as well (like Google forms).  This makes for a better student and teacher user experience.

    In the long-term a pre-generated feedback response (e.g. to an incorrect answer or even to a correct answer) saves the teacher valuable time as well as provides quicker feedback responses to students.  If we feel a need to elaborate further, then we can via individual feedback.

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    Fauzan Baharom

    It is unfortunate that the pre-generated automatic feedback were removed. I really want to stay on this platform. I have been encouraging & training other teachers to use this platform, but now we have to migrate to other platforms that have the critical automated feedback feature.

    Thank you for your years of service.

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