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Test/Quiz convertion into Assessments feature failing


Just as I say in the subject. When I try to convert my Test/Quiz into an assessment I get a failure message as well in the transfer history as in the e-mail I get.

I need URGENT help about this! Please!

Thanks in advance!



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    Haley Fox Official comment

    Hi Leonardo, 

    Thank you for reaching out to Schoology and bringing this issue to our attention!

    We’ve escalated this issue to our Engineering team with a priority of Moderate Impact. This means that we understand converting tests/quizzes to assessments is not working fully as intended, but prioritization of this issue is weighted against more urgent issues and other features we are developing.

    Please let us know if there is new information about this issue that might change the priority. If it can be included in a larger scope of work or the priority changes because we missed something from you or hear back from other Schoology customers about this issue, we’ll let you know.

    Otherwise, you’ll receive an update from us via this thread when the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience!

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    Sean Harvey


    This is a pretty big issue that is affecting a lot of teachers as we come back from the winter break. It would not be as much of an issue if there weren't so many problems with the Test/Quizzes. I appreciate you responding to this but there are other teachers posting similar problems which might necessitate moving that priority to a higher impact.

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    Matthew Reimann

    I am having the exact same issue, and we have midterms starting in a week, so I hope this issue is escalated.  Something changed from before Winter break, because this feature was working in mid - December.  Trust me, panic will start to set in very soon! 

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    Christina Ebbert

    Same problem. Teacher here coming back from Christmas Break and only errors. Since we can't import external testbanks into assessments at all (only into Tests) please escalate the issue to a higher priority. This will be important for EVERY teacher using schoology! 

    Thank you!!

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    We are experiencing this same issue at Northside Independent School District and we need it to be fixed as quickly as possible. It is having huge impact on our teachers and students. 

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    Nicky Hobbs

    We are experiencing this same issue

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    Ms. Kuerschner

    I think it would be prudent to FIX the things that are broken rather than working on developing new features.  This is not working for me as well.  Since you are also not fixing the issues with tests and quizzes as you are fazing that feature out, I can't rely on tests to work for my students and now I can't convert them to assessments.  Please prioritize getting this to work.  Thank you.

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    Mrs. Elliott

    I FOUND A WORK AROUND! It does take sometimes a few hours but: 

    Inside your test/quiz, under options, add the questions to a new question bank. Save that question bank into your resources. In resources, change the question bank into an item bank. Then wait forever (took mine overnight to convert) and the next day import the item bank into an assessment! 

    Schoology, if you see this, please verify that this works for everyone and SHARE it with the other teachers who have posted this issue! I know many have. 


    TLDR: You cannot covert test/quizzes to assessments, but you CAN convert question banks to item banks!

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    Christina Ebbert

    @ Mrs. Elliott

    The workaround works for me for questions banks uploaded before 01/01/21. Any new uploaded question bank and even that conversion fails :-(

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