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Students required to Request Access to Google Drive Assignments


I have three students who regularly have to "request access" to open or edit any Google assignment. I add an assignment, then use the Google Drive button to attach the doc. Most of my students (150+) have no issues opening or accessing. However, these 3 students ALWAYS have to ask for access. They are using a school district issued/administrated iPad, are logged in with their school email account, have connected their drive, disconnected and reconnected their drive, cleared cookies and cache, tried Safari and Chrome (the only 2 browsers they have), and have tried using a private/incognito window to log in. Our IT team has looked into this and can't find anything wrong with the student accounts. 

Is there anything else we/they can try? It's so frustrating!  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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    Nina Lewis Official comment

    Hi, Mrs. Formaneck.

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty with this issue. 

    Can you confirm the students are logged into their Google Drive Resources app

    Here's a Help Guide with additional troubleshooting steps. 

    If the issue continues to persist, please let me know. 


    Nina Lewis  

    Community Communications Specialist  

    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product 


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