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1) can you create more functionality on the platform for creating collaborative learning/working opportunities for students?  I know that I can create grading groups but there does not seem to be a way for students to work (say, on a presentation) together and submit one document that a group of them receive the same grade/feedback on.

2) In the gradebook, when you "set all grades" is it possible that the grade can remain zero for assignments previously marked as missing?  It creates a lot of work to go back through and re-mark them as missing, after scoring all the work that was completed.

3) In the grade book when we select to view one kind of assignment (like, missing, with newly submitted work) can you make the highlighting color stand out more?  It's hard to see, because it's the same color outline as what the mouse features when you scroll over the gradebook.  

4) It's annoying that when we refresh the gradebook to reflect scoring we've done, it goes back to the current term and resets the page away from the whole-page gradebook view.  Can you fix the refresh feature not to go elsewhere and to stay in the whole page view, if that's where we are working?

Thanks for considering all this!

Annie in Ann Arbor



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