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Parent Notifications: Overdue Assignments



I have a high school student who has 8 schoology course (not uncommon) for 7 credited classes. 

Please update your Overdue notice to include the course the assignment is from.

Also, I understand why this is happening but some should be able to just change the message.   When the message says: "You can see the assignment by clicking:" but when clicking on the hyperlink I get "The privacy settings on the page you are trying to visit do not allow your access. Please navigate Home to continue using Schoology." it's very frustrating (again I know why it's happening).


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    Ms. Strausser

    A parent in my district reached who reached would like to see the class added to the description information that is given to parents when they receive an overdue assignment notification.  Clicking on the assignment link does not show the parents the assignment.  This is the message she received "“Monday, March 1st” was due on 2021-03-01 23:59:00. You can see the assignment by clicking:"

    Many times the titles are not descriptive enough for parents to know which class the overdue assignment is coming from.  Add the class in the overdue description would be very helpful.

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