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When filling empty cells with Incomplete, Missing, or Excused, add a comment with the "Display to student" also checked.


Currently, when you fill empty cells with the various flags (incomplete, missing, or excused/exempt), I find I have to go back to each one and add a comment, and check the box to display to student.  That way, students can see these in PowerSchool when they check their grades.  In PowerSchool, there is an option to fill empty cells with one of the flags and to copy the comments as well.  Could we have something similar in Schoology?  I would rather do all my grading in Schoology and let the sync do its thing, but right now it is quite time consuming when flagging assignments. 


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    Mrs. Atkins

    This increases the work on the teacher end to go back and forth to determine if the student didn't understand the assignment or they failed to turn it in. This makes it especially cumbersome due to the amount of documentation that needs to be completed for local and state requirements.

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