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Assessment "Student Settings" additional options


On the Setup tab for Assessments, under "Student Settings" > "Allow students to view results after an attempt is submitted," there are presently three options: No, Yes, and Yes with correct answers. 

I'd like to request the following additional option: "Yes with correct answers AFTER DUE DATE" to show the correct answers only after the due date has passed (and submissions have been disabled). This would prevent students from cheating by copying the correct answers from classmates who submitted the test early. As it is, I have to go into the settings and manually change "No" to "Yes with correct answers" after each assignment is due. A setting that does this automatically would be awesome!

Other users have requested the following options: "Yes with correct answers after final attempt" and "Yes with correct answers after all students have submitted attempt." (These features were previously requested here for Test/Quiz assignments, but Test/Quiz assignments are being phased out and replaced by Assessments.) 



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