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Hyperlinks for Schoology Materials


Please add a feature that will allow you to hyperlink to specific Schoology materials.  For example if you post an update that reminds students to complete a discussion, it would be helpful if you could hyperlink that discussion right in the update.  Or, If you are creating pages to lead students through a specific lesson that points to content on other pages or to discussions, assessments etc, it would help if those items could be hyperlinked directly in the page.



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    Dr. Pfau

    Can you not do this by just copying and pasting the link? I do this, but be aware that they're not relative links. In other words, if you copy the course for next year, the links have to be updated manually or they'll link back to last year's material.

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    Eric Hanson

    Just wondering if there is any progress on this?  I am trying to design some training around "one page content" but it does not work with the iPad app.  When you create the hyperlink on a desktop/laptop machine and hyperlink to something within schoology it sends you out of the app and has you log-into the web version.  It would be nice if it did not do that!

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    Danielle Bryan

    I would like to do this as well.

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