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logging out interference from Backchannel chat


I have now had an error occur on two different computers. When I tried to logout after a schoology session I received the following error:


Please wait while we log you out of the following apps:

  Backchannel Chat


After that, it returned the following error on the top of the screen.

There was an error logging you out. Please try again by selecting Logout under the down-facing arrow in the upper right corner of your screen.
It did not let me logout. Please tell me if there is a more appropriate place to post these kinds of messages.
R Hunter
Hill College
 Images included.

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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Rosalyn,

    Thank you for sharing this issue with the community!

    Please try the following steps to resolve the issue:

    If this issue persists after you have attempted these steps, please let us know and we will research this issue further.

    Thanks again!

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