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I want to preface my following complaints by saying, I really do like the assessment options.  

As a language teacher, I have really enjoyed the recording feature on quizzes/tests.  We will do listening portions of tests or even uses quizzes/tests as homework, but this allows students to listen to it multiple times without feeling bad for having to ask the teacher to repeat it again. 

Another feature that I miss on the new assessment is the ability to view the assessment by each question.  It is really nice to be able to look at how each student responded to a single question rather than having to scroll down on each student's test individually to find the answer to a particular question.  This is especially nice for short answer/essay questions.  

One last question I had was whether the quizzes/tests was going to disappear at any point in time?  We have put a lot of time into the quizzes/tests portion of Schoology, and I want to know if this is still going to be around or if the assessment tool is eventually going to replace it. 



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Prof Olson/Everyone!

    Dropping in to let you know that we've made a few key improvements to Assessments that we think you'll be happy with:

    • - We have added the ability to directly upload audio/video files to the stimulus and rich text responses of assessment questions in both course and managed assessments.
    • - The ability to upload images to question response options and set image dimensions using pixels.
    • - Embed new tools (such as a calculator, ruler, or protractor).

    But wait, there's more on the way! Be sure to follow our Product Roadmap for Assessment related - new release goodies!

    For full details, visit: 

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    They did a webinar about the new Assessment feature where they said that yes, eventually Test/Quiz would be replaced by Assessments.  But they also said that before they do that, they would work to either convert, or supply a way to convert, old Test/Quiz files into the new format.

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    Jerry Scoppa

    I too would like that I have become totally accustomed to scoring like that.

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    Angie Garber Zengel

    My teachers are still using the old test/quiz feature because the new assessment is missing this feature.  We love everything else about the new assessments except the ability to see the overall data as a class.

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    Bret Murray

    I made corrections to the answer key for the assessments, but it did not update the student grades. So, I have to go in and adjust everyone's scores because making a change to the answers did nothing to the scores of the students.... there goes my afternoon!

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    I'm having so many issues with Assessments that I'm sticking to Test/Quiz. My students are just as frustrated as I am.  No language keyboard, automatic one question per page, not updating scores correctly. Editing questions is problematic too. When you convert Tests to Assessments, you don't have the option to use a word bank and you can't change a fill in the blank to a drag and drop.

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