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Search capabilities for comments and messages


It would be REALLY helpful to be able to pull up all of my communications (including messages and comments) with a particular student.  It is often exasperating trying to find the details of a conversation with one of my students – especially if it the issue was addressed several weeks or months ago.  I don't always recall if my remark was made in a message or a comment.

It would also help if there was also a key word/phrase search option.

I am not asking to re-invent the wheel.  Search features are routinely incorporated into other online communications platforms.



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    Mrs. Fairman

    Yes, I need this functionality as well. I am new to Schoology and was shocked to discover this is not an option. The only work around I have found is using the operating system find feature, but it only works on one page at a time. I have pages and pages of messages that need to be searched. 

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    Evon's Personal Schoology Zundel

    Agreed. I hesitate to use the messaging feature in Schoology because I cannot search through the messages. 

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    Dr. Pfau

    I just posted the identical request. There's no way to search Feature Ideas either!

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    Erica Macintosh

    Please, please. Being able to sort and search messages would be FABULOUS! Very much needed when Schoology is used as the main classroom resource. That is how all of our students message us. And if we reply, we don't even see who the message was sent to!

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    Dr. Lane

    Please provide a way to search key words to quickly find messages. 

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