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Copying a Folder full of material retains completion status of the orginal folder - Green Checks on all material before opening any material


I need to copy my folders within my course as each folder is a weeks worth of activities. The materials stay the same (quiz/discussion) but the content within them is altered, such as videos to watch and articles to read, and some text.

Since Schoology does not provide and option to Copy a folder or material WITHIN a course, I used 'copy to course' to copy the folder to another course, made alterations, and then copy it again back to the original course. So, really, it's just like creating a duplicate, but altering it in another course.

My folders have material with Completion Rules. After a submission or comment is posted, students should get a Green check. Students are reporting that the material in the altered copied folder (out of course and back in) all have green checks Before they have even opened the folder.

Does the copied out and back in material retain the completion status of the original material in the folder?
Can this be fixed?
Is there another better alternative when needing to copy material within a course?



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Mark & Mrs. Gastler,

    Thank you both for posting this issue and all of the detail provided! I have confirmed that this is a system-wide issue in Schoology and our engineers are currently working towards a resolution. I will set this post to "Planned" and we will post updates as information becomes available.

    Thanks again!

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    Mrs. Gastler

    When you copy out and back in, the new copied things are like new assignments you added, they do not have submission or anything that would cause your students to meet the completion rules.

    Whenever I copy anything from one class to another, it is often the case that every student sees green checkmarks even if they have not done anything yet.  I don't see any patterns for when this happens and when it doesn't.  It does NOT show up on my side of things as having been completed.  

    After I found out this happens fairly regularly, after I copy a folder or any assignment with a completion rule already set up, I go into the class it was copied to, click on the Student Progress button (the one that shows you their progress) and click the Recheck Student Progress at the bottom.  This ALWAYS solves the problem and removes green check marks for assignments not completed. 

    I haven't found another way to duplicate assignments in a course and I follow the method you described and then clicking the recheck student progress button. 

    It would be nice to see "Duplicate assignment" as an option in Schoology in the future.

    Hope this helps!

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    Mark Schafer

    Thanks Mrs. Gaslter. So I have over 100 students in my class. I would need to enter each student's progress area and recheck each one. Wow. That might just make me create more material that is 'saved to resources'.

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    Mark Schafer

    So, I clicked the 'recheck student progress' button on ONE student and it looks like it fixed the problem for all students. So, I do not need to repeat this for every student. Is that consistent with your experience, Mrs. Gastler?

    Thanks again for responding!

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    Mrs. Gastler

    No, no, no (to your first response), Yes, yes, yes (to your second response).  The Recheck Student Progress does the entire class at one time, you only have to open it in any folder in your class (including the main folder) and it checks all progress for all students on any completion rule you have at the same time.   You will have to do it again in any additional classes (if your classes are linked, then just one and done).


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