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Whenever I look at a student's Schoology account, I am amazed at the number of notifications they choose to ignore. Some students have as many as 30 notifications in their inbox, and they just choose to ignore them.  My idea is to set these notifications where they HAVE to view them first before accessing their courses.  Why couldn't these notifications appear as do ads when visiting an internet site?  This way students wouldn't be able to miss important information etc.  



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    Heather Yee (IndYee)

    It would help if this was more noticeable. Many students don't even realize they have a message unless I point it out to them, by which time it's often after the fact.

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    Allison Anderson

    It would also help if they were actually clickable from the notification window rather than having to navigate to "view all" before being able to see the relevant information.  Replies and assignment submission comments require too many clicks to access.

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