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Old Course - Ongoing Issue


I am in several courses that have long since expired (professional development and PST type courses).  They are have, have been for a LONG TIME, and although I have requested to be removed from these courses, either the admin isn't responding or - in many cases - they were just a guest to the district that is not longer part of our schoology and cannot be contacted at all.

There should be a way for adults / teachers to remove themselves from a course.  My course list is SO LONG and I have to scroll through all these courses to get to the ones I need.  Sounds like a minor issue, but when you do this 30+ times a day, it is a hassle.  Please add a way for use to withdraw from a class. 

If nothing else, at least a request to withdraw, and if no one answers within a week or two then we are automatically dismissed?  Or require ALL courses to have an expiration date at which point they are deleted or archived?  Clearly, contacting the administrator of the group isn't always going to work.


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    Charles Black

    Hello Jennifer,

    Thanks for providing great detail regarding your idea. As an Enterprise user, you can resolve this issue by reaching out to your Support Contact and request to have the course/group archived. This will not only resolve the issue for you, it will also remove the course/group for all enrolled users as long as the course/group is no longer being used.

    You can send a message to your Support Contacts within Schoology by navigating to the question mark icon at the top right side of Schoology.

    I can absolutely see the need for a less manual process here, which you detailed in your post.

    Thank you for sharing your idea!

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