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When all the students are present and marked as such on the attendance page, the check marks show up on the current day. However, on the check marks disappear after the date. Yet, if a student was late or absent, then all the various marks continue to show after the date. The problem with this is then I am unsure if I forgot to take attendance or if all the students were present.

So in the image below,  the current date is September 15 and all the students are here. All the students were also here on September 12, 13, and 14 as well, but attendance marks do not show up. On September 11, a student was absent and the attendance marks show up.

It would be nice if Schoology would change this so that the check marks show up on days when all students were present and not just when there was a late or absent student.



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello All,

    Attendance in Schoology no longer defaults to showing present icons for all students on days when the class meets. Instead, the course admin must click Start or click into one of the cells in a column to begin taking attendance. After either action is performed, the course admin will see all the present icons fill in automatically.

    We hope this helps clarify and streamline taking attendance in Schoology. For full details, please visit this Help Article:

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    Diane M Smith (51014974)

    Our faculty would like to see this as well.  It is important to be able to see the green checkmarks when all students were present.  It's difficult to determine by looking at this if the faculty forgot to enter attendance or if everyone was present. 

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    Laurie Forsman

    I second this. I cannot at this point go back to change attendance or add it after the fact. Also, I want to be able to assign different SECTIONS to different days so that I see only those days that a particular section meets when I take attendance.

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