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Google Drive Assignment Feature requests


This video describes several vital feature requests for the Google Drive Assignment integration:

  • File Management for students
  • A popout that opens docs and folders in a new tab in Drive so that students and teachers can use add-ons and extensions
  • More real-estate in Schoology for teachers to view assignments
  • Holistic view of Drive when searching for assignments


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    Jen Jonson

    I completely agree. Without the option to pop up the doc, students can't even adjust margins or do simple page setup tasks.

    There also needs to be a button (like in Classroom) to Return or "hand back" all student papers, which would give editing access back to all students. This is essential for them to be able to see teacher comments (not visible in View only) and make revisions, which is the point, right?

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    Rich Kinsey

    Have these in as feature requests? Any update?

    Our district has put in similar, I just personally put in GDA for PDFs.

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    Susan Nygaard

    Please add the ability to assign a document template to a grading group (and the ability to input one grade for an entire grading group).

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