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Pin A School Update to the Top of Everyone's feed


We would love to have the ability to pin a school update to the top of everyone's feed so that when the log in, they would be sure to see this.  This would be especially helpful in times when there is critical information that students and parents need to see such as school cancellations, delay's, important events, etc.

As it currently is, if a school update is posted and then teachers post class updates soon after, the critical school info could get pushed down in the feed and not be seen.

This could be designed such that a duration was a part of the post so that you could set how long it would show for.  Another possibility to this idea would be to have a banner area at the top or bottom where critical info would show or maybe even a popup that would display at login.


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    Mrs. Kuryla

    It would also be nice if the school updates had a bell notification.  If you don't have the initial page set to recent activity, you never see school notifications!

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