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Common Cartridge import / export of QTI quiz questions and answers is broken for text/html


We have found that Schoology's import and export of quiz questions and answers is broken when the text type is "text/html".  

If you build a quiz question or answer of type "text/html" with content like "<this should be surrounded by angle brackets>" in the cartridge, that content will not be imported correctly (everything between the angle brackets, including the brackets) is discarded on import.

Similarly, you can build a quiz question with the content "<hello>" entirely within Schoology, export that to a common cartridge, and then import that cartridge right back as a resource...and the resulting question text is also broken (does not contain "<hello>"). 

For standards reference on how text/html content should be encoded and handled, please see

This is a fatal error that is blocking successfully roll-out of courses on Schoology customers.  I have a test cartridge available for your inspection. Please let us know when we can communicate expectations for a fix to our customers.  Thanks!


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Chris,

    Since this is now considered an issue in Schoology and our Engineering Team is actively working on this issue, I am moving this post to Q&A area where other Community members who might encounter this problem know that we are actively working towards a resolution.

    Thank you!

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