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We really need a better way to search personal, group, and course resources, discussions, pages, etc. While we can narrow our view by type, we can’t search on keywords. Students should be able to search on keywords to find resources their teachers have shared instead of having to remember if it was attached to an assignment, or just in Resources, or what it Unit 1 or Unit 3? We use groups for meeting resources so they’re grouped by date of meeting. If you don’t remember that we talked about makerspaces on April 18, good luck finding it! I understand this may take a major overhaul behind the scenes, but I really think this should be on the roadmap and a feature for the NEAR future. Hope you agree!



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    Holly Landez

    This is absolutely a feature we need! Thank you for considering it.

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    Evon's Personal Schoology Zundel

    This should be on their roadmap now. I want to create groups for repositories of information, but there is no search feature! I have to stay in Google to provide this kind of functionality.

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    Ms. CHEBY

    YES it is the #1 thing I hate about Schoology, especially as we try to use it to share professional resources. It results in a lot of duplication of questions and posts.   This should be a priority for Schoology

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    Kalah Gladieux

    I hate spending forever trying to find old posts from my principal or other teachers. Also, it would be so helpful to have a way to search old messages I sent to parents or kids without having to scroll through a million messages! I agree with others that it would be great to search key words, too, It would be easier for kids.

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