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deleting a course (student)


Teachers don't delete old courses, and we students end up with 20 + courses in our Schoology account, students should be allowed to delete courses on their profile.  It's very frustrating starting a new school year with a whole bunch of old courses still in your profile, then you have to search for the current year courses.  I don't find this site very user friendly.


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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Adriano,

    Thank you for providing your feedback! Have you tried contacting your instructors/teacher about older courses that you are enrolled in? You can send a message to your instructor from a course via these steps: 

    - Click on the course
    - Click on Members
    - Locate your instructor in the member list
    - Click the gear icon to the right of your instructor's name
    - Select 'Send Message'

    If you are not able to contact your instructor or school, please let me know and I will reach out to them on your behalf.

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