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Updates - Scheduling


I *really* need the ability to schedule the date and time an update posts.  My previous LMS, Edmodo, had this feature which was invaluable when planning and posting for multiple classes.  



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    Coach Sisco

    Yes, this is a much needed feature - please add it Schoology.

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    Gary Hamann

    I agree. I switched from Edmodo to Schoology 2 years ago, and this is one of the things that I miss from Edmodo the most. I would much prefer if my students couldn't see my updates until their class time actually begins, so I don't have to deal with students who come in saying "I already did that in study hall" and then don't have anything to do during my class time. (Yes, I realize that this is much better than students who simply don't complete work, but it can still interfere with class planning)

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