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Gradebook - mark with an exception addition


I would love to see AB-Absent need to make up and AB- Absent excused added to the list of "mark with an exception"! It is time consuming to go in and enter comments on each assignment for someone who is absent. I would love to see AB instead of missing or excused on my grade columns and for students/parents to more easily see why something is missing. 



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    Matthew Brennan (14383138)

    I would like to add exceptions for "Late",  "Absent", "Submitted" and I would like to see teachers able to choose more than one.

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    Madame Moore

    Yes, maybe it would be best to allow teachers to define their comments as we all have sightly different needs.  I once used a program that read the attendance so that if I ever posted an assignment due on a date that the student was marked absent, the gradebook automatically filled in AB until I entered in the override.  This would be slick!

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    Mr. Baker

     As teachers, we need the ability to quickly mark student work as late or absent. These are common marks used in other gradebooks and would really help our workflow and provide quick feedback to students and parents. Adding these marks would greatly improve the efficiency of the gradebook and help teachers to quickly see the status of student grades.


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