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Differentiated tests for linked classes


Under your current system, I create 3-4 different versions of tests to be delivered on the same day (modifications for IEP, GT, ELL, and regular, etc.).  Then I assign them individually and they are open all day long (unsecured) or I must unpublish/publish or enable/disable multiple times for each class.  I also use this approach for very large classes where different tests of the same level reduce the occurrence of cheating.  It is a tedious job.

Would it be possible to design a "pick the version" option in assigning tests to a class?  Something like this:

I create a "Unit Whatever Exam" title (student all see the same thing in gradebook) as a Quiz/Test

Then looking at my class roster I simply click which "version" of the test each student will see (maybe radio buttons).  This helps maintain student privacy with accommodations, as every student sees the same-titled exam.  Schoology may need to add a "do you have multiple versions" option.

Next, I set the time and settings for that class assessment window, not the entire day.  Again this allows me to keep the test secure and use only the versions I need for that particular class.  

Last, it would be nice to be able to "UNPUBLISH" an individual student when it's time to deliver the test and they are either absent or not yet testing for some reason.  This might be accomplished with a radio button next to the name of the student in the settings or results view.

While the test is in-progress it is my hope that I can see everyone signed on and submitting from one screen no matter which version they are taking.



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    Karen Olsen

    I agree! I found your post when searching "Differentiated" and this would be VERY helpful! I teach music and in a high school band class I have 4 levels of 14 different instruments in one room, and they all need to take an instrument-specific/level-specific test. Then, when I export it to PowerSchool, I have to see 14+ different versions of the test all as separate entries in my PowerSchool gradebook. It is very cumbersome and allowing different versions of the "same" test would be very helpful!

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