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Consider making some Assessment questions subjective/open-ended for teacher grading


I was recently trying to make some model Assessment questions and realized that there could be some room for interpretation by the teacher when grading.  Unfortunately, like in the Number Line question below, there isn't a "right answer".  In Test/Quizzes, we used to be able to mark some questions as Subjective, and I think this example would be appropriate.  In the question, I'm using the Assessment to gauge a range that isn't predetermined.

Now, this is more like a survey question but could also be used in some maths and sciences to interpret data, etc.  However, perhaps some of the questions could be set in Advanced Options as subjective or a survey question just to collect data?

In my second example, I want to collect students' sorting of the characteristics of the branches of US government.  This sorting activity would have me making tons of combinations as alternate answers.  However, if I were able to make this as subjective, I could grade this by glance rather than spending so much time programming all of the combinations.



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