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Late exception flag


There needs to be a "late" flag in the exceptions box!!!  This is critical to accurately tracking student work and showing parents how their student is doing at keeping up with time management and assignments.



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    Laura Page

    I don't understand why this isn't already built in. I track this now by adding a grade comment that says 'late,' but this should be a basic gradebook function...

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    Jason Frieling

    This is a MUST!!!  :)

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    Lorraine Davis

    A LATE Flag would be extremely useful.  At our school, lateness is not factored into the grading of the quality of the work.  It is kept as a separate factor.  THUS, a student who aces an assignment....a month late....gets a great score.  BUT it still needs to be registered as late somehow, so that feedback can be tracked for the comments we give about their "Approaches to Learning."

    PLEASE add a LATE FLAG to the options.  It would be so useful to see this at a glance.

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