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Fill Empty in gradebook


It would be incredibly useful to be able to select "fill empty" in the gradebook. For smaller assignments, I'll often need to mark a few assignments missing or fewer points and then fill the rest with the same score. This would mean the students would see an accurate grade right away, instead of seeing the score that's the same as everyone and then seeing the change. 



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Damon,

    Thanks for sharing your idea. The Schoology gradebook does have a feature called 'Set All Grades'. This feature will allow you to fill a grade column with a grade you set.

    Please let us know if 'Set All Grades' helps you with your goals for managing the gradebook.

    Thank you!

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    Judith Hoffman

    No!  What I would like to see (as would many in our large district) is the ability to fill just the empty grades.  So I fill in a few grades that are different and then everyone else gets the same grade.  This is much better, given the live nature of the gradebook, than filling all grades and then finding the few that need to be different.

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    Charles Black

    Hi Judy,

    Thanks for providing the additional information about your request.

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    Greg Loomis

    I really want this feature!  We had this ability in our previous online gradebook and I miss it!  In a case where, out of 35 students, 5 did not complete it and 2 students got an 8 out of 10, being able to fill the other 28 grades would be a real time saver.  It would seem like fill all and then change the different grades after that would be just as easy, but in reality it is just not the same.

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    Rod Kirby

    I agree! My workflow tends to be like that - mark the few that don't get 100 (or whatever), and then fill all the rest with the desired grade.

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    Samira Diggs

    I agree as well!  Was just looking to see if this feature was available.  

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