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Can we have a Kami app feature so that students can mark up a PDF without getting shut down by the Schoology PDF viewer.  Right now we have to link our PDFs into our Google Drive and then provide students with a link for this feature.  Directly uploading the PDF to Schoology would be a huge time saver.



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    Bob Drummond

    Kami now provides an integration with Schoology for this purpose - see

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    Jessica Emerson

    I have been having issues with assignments submitted to Schoology from Kami.  While the document is loading, I can see that students have written answers in, but when it is done loading, all the answers disappear.

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    Yimei Shao

    Hi Jessica, 

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing this behavior! 

    Have you used the following Help articles from Kami to troubleshoot yet? 

    1. Schoology Integration (Upgraded)

    2. Troubleshooting and Support Information

    If you have and are still experiencing this issue, we recommend that you reach out to your organization's designated Support Contact. They will be able to help you troubleshoot further and submit a ticket with our Support team if needed. This will help us consolidate reports of similar issues and prioritize accordingly. 


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product

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    Melissa Drummond

    Kami documents that my teacher has posted in Schoology aren't working. Luckily I've found ways around it however Kami not working with Schoology and doing a "forever load" isn't great.

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