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Larger grading window for google assignments


Can you please increase the height of the frame of the google assignments for grading? I am looking at spreadsheets and can only see 6 cells down at a time.  I can't even access all the dropdowns in the menu on the sheet.  thank you.



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    Ms. Whipps

    I second this request!!!!  Grading is incredibly painful with the new Google Drive Integration - SO MUCH SCROLLING!  I have 33 students in a class and have to scroll down to open the documents of the students towards the bottom of my roster, then scroll back up to see their document, and then scroll through the submitted document to grade, only to scroll up again to assign a grade.  Then I have to start all over again to grade the next submission.  Very cumbersome and involves way too much time to grade!

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    Jon Jacobs

    I agree too much scrolling.  The normal Schoology grading interface is fine, why not use it for the Google Drive Assignments app?  Also, can the popup to actually enter the score be replaced with being able to just enter the score in the upper right corner?

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    Professor Gray

    Agree with all of the above. 

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    Jon Reker

    Agree, it is so awkward to use that I have to just open them all in a separate Google Drive window

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