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Schoology Q&A Etiquette


Greetings Schoology Community!

We know you love Schoology as much as we do so please use our Q&A forums to ask questions, answer questions, and share!

Please respect the Community DOs & DON'Ts:

  • ✲ DO post questions and answer questions. We are all part of this Community so, helping each other is our goal!
  • ✲ DON'T post Feature Ideas in Q&A forums. Ideas for Schoology features live here.
  • ✲ DO conduct yourself as you would in real life. We're all sensitive people...
  • ✲ DON'T be rude, lewd or crude. Let's keep it chill.
  • ✲ DO search for your question by using the search tool, prior to posting. Your question may already have been asked and answered.
  • ✲ DON'T spam, sell stuff or post personal information. Keep it Schoology.

Thank you!



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