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Missing Assignment Turn in Notification


Currently if a student has an assignment that is marked as missing, schoology does not notify me in my reminders section of a class that the assignment has been turned in.  I would like a reminder anytime that a student turns in an assignment even if it is marked as missing or even if it has already been graded.  It used to do this for resubmissions but it does not for me anymore.



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    Caysie Norum

    Yes!!! This has become really annoying as a teacher. I like to mark assignments as missing in order to motivate my students to turn in the assignments. Now, I have to go through each individual assignment and see if they have turned it in.

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    Katie Aquino

    Yes!  We agree with this.  It has become really difficult to manage assignments in Schoology and keep grades up to date at the same time.  Whether an assignment is missing or not, teachers need to be notified when something is submitted.  Thanks!

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    Mrs. MORVAY

    Why does this still not exist???

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    Melodye Yost

    This is also needed for assignments that have been resubmitted. Teachers shouldn't have to rely on students to communicate with the teacher that they have resubmitted an assignment. 

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