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Notification of missing/incomplete work submitted or resubmitted


I really love getting notification on the home screen that I have work from students to grade.  However, if an entry of missing or incomplete is indicated in the grade book for a particular assignment, notification of work submitted after that is no longer provided.  If I mark an item missing for a student, it would be nice to be provided some sort of notification that they eventually submitted something.  A categorized notification similar to the resubmitted work notification would be great. 


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    Rebecca Alstatt

    It scares me that this was posted two years ago, and the same problem still exists.  My school just started using Schoology this semester, and we were all blindsided the first time we marked work as missing and then no longer received notifications when it was submitted.  There really needs to be a way to automatically mark overdue assignments as zero and then still be notified when they are submitted (and yes, I've already put in a feature request).

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