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Assignments counting toward Mastery


I would like to be able to determine which assignments are shown on the mastery tab.


I do many formative assessments, and I would like to show that they are linked to a standard but I would like to NOT have them count towards the mastery number.

For example, I may give students 4 formative assessments on a topic - if they earned a 4 on all of those assignments they would be shown to have achieved mastery on a standard, however that is not correct because they were small assessments that were passed and not the larger summative assessment.



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    Heather Yee (IndYee)

    Or could there be a way to indicate that an assessment was formative or summative? And then teachers could choose to include or exclude formative assessments through the setup options.

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    Jessica Dibiase

    So much this!


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    Audrey Langley

    Mastery - meet/exceed expectations at least x# should be moved to individual learning objectives. 

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    Colin Bridgewater

    Agreed that we need a way to track and give feedback to students on formative assignments without them counting towards mastery. Currently in the District Mastery standards based gradebook that was released in late 2019, there is no way to align formative assignments to learning objectives without them becoming part of the calculations for mastery; essentially, there is no way to record or track formative assessments right now. If they get aligned to learning objectives, then they are counted as summative assessments.

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