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It would be excellent to have a way to filter assignments by "resubmitted" instead of having to scroll through looking for the tiny blue icon. This isn't that big of a deal in regular classes, but we use Schoology for professional development across the district, so every time a teacher resubmits something we have to scroll through 1200 names looking for a tiny blue icon.

Alternately, it would be nice if the resubmission link (e.g. "4 resubmitted assignments" on the right of the Recent Activity page) would display ONLY those assignments when clicked.


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    Sean Vegas

    Great idea! I do think that it is nice to see that there are resubmissions listed under the reminders area. However, it would really be extremely beneficial if it only took you directly to those specific resubmitted assignments, rather than having to search through every student in the class to find them, when selecting the class/assignment listed under the resubmission reminder.  

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