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Improving Folder Completion Rules


I would like to see some tweaks added to folder completion rules that would allow teachers to set up choice boards and checklists from folders.  For example, if I include 3 assignments in a folder, but want students to only complete 2 of their choosing.  Right now, completion rules can be set to require students "Make a submission" for A, B, C, or a combination of those.  However, if a student does A & B but not C, then the folder is not marked complete, even though they completed the required 2 of 3.

This feature COULD be added by adding Boolean (And, Or, Not) operators and quantity indicators to completion rule setup along with a number quantifier.  For example, I have 4 assignments in my folder.  All must complete A, but then complete 2 of 3 from B,C & D.  Completion rules would look as follows: "Students must [MAKE SUBMISSION] [3] assignments: A [AND] B [OR] C [OR] D" 



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    Ryan Darmody

    Love it. Great request AND lending a hand to the solution!

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    Jennifer Smielewski

    This would be so key to differentiation in the form of student choice!

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    I would love to see the addition of must be "graded" before the student can move on.

    So the student would complete the assignment and submit it, but can not move on until the teacher assigns a grade to the assignment.


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    Leah, you can currently do that. Add the submissions rule "Student must score at least _____", and set the score to 1. Then once you grade the assignment, the student can move on to the next automatically, but don't forget to check the "requirements must be completed in order" box.


    Mr. Shock, I would love this addition! Give students options and allow for more personalized instruction. The submission rules are very buggy in my courses though, and students often find ways around them, or they don't get the credit when when have completed the criteria. Support keeps telling me they fixed the issue, but it always comes back.

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