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Improving Folder Completion Rules


I would like to see some tweaks added to folder completion rules that would allow teachers to set up choice boards and checklists from folders.  For example, if I include 3 assignments in a folder, but want students to only complete 2 of their choosing.  Right now, completion rules can be set to require students "Make a submission" for A, B, C, or a combination of those.  However, if a student does A & B but not C, then the folder is not marked complete, even though they completed the required 2 of 3.

This feature COULD be added by adding Boolean (And, Or, Not) operators and quantity indicators to completion rule setup along with a number quantifier.  For example, I have 4 assignments in my folder.  All must complete A, but then complete 2 of 3 from B,C & D.  Completion rules would look as follows: "Students must [MAKE SUBMISSION] [3] assignments: A [AND] B [OR] C [OR] D" 



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    Ryan Darmody

    Love it. Great request AND lending a hand to the solution!

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    Mrs. Smielewski

    This would be so key to differentiation in the form of student choice!

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