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Graphing of student results


There should be a way to graph student results. Specifically, I'm interested in the following:

  • A histogram of student scores for a given assignment
  • A histogram of student scores for a given quarter
  • A line graph of a given student's progress over time
  • A multiline graph of a given student's progress on multiple assignment types or grading categories (e.g., progress on homework vs. quizzes).

The use case here is that I want students to see the big picture of their progress. E.g.:

  • If a class complains that a test was too hard, because none of them did well, you could end that conversation with a histogram of their grade distribution compared with a histogram of the grades on the same test from last year (A colleague of mine just described this situation this morning).
  • If you're discussing an individual student's progress, either with the student or with the parents, a visual representation of the student's progress can be a huge help in making your point.

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    Yes, please. These are useful ways to visualize important data as feedback for the teachers and for the students. Even without graphs, currently there are no simple ways to view even the distribution of letter grades in a class (such as just viewing a count of As, Bs, Cs, etc.)... a teacher has to scroll through the gradebook and take tallies. Even if a teacher wants to go through the trouble of exporting the gradebook and graphing it in Excel, the gradebook export doesn't have a column of letter grades. Some great examples of these graphs (for letter grade distribution for overall grades as well as per assignment) can be found in Easy Grade Pro. I sure miss those features when my district forced us to switch to Schoology.

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