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Tagging for updates, assignments, or whatever


Right now the only way to organize materials on Schoology is by courses and folders. This is useful, but inflexible. A tagging system (hashtag or otherwise) would allow students and teachers to search course materials for additional criteria, and would also be quicker and easier at the teacher's end than laboriously dragging materials into folders (which is a whole other post that I'll get to another time). It would also allow a given item to belong to multiple categories.

So, for example:

  • Tags could replace folders. for organizing materials into different units. This would be especially useful if I post a "course update" that is relevant to a particular curriculum unit, but not included in the folder of materials. With a tagging system a kid could search for, say, the #romeo-and-juliet tag and see any relevant updates right along with the assignments or handouts or whatever.
  • They could also be used to group by type of material: #background, #study_guide, #homework, or whatever.
  • You could tag something #important or #tangential. That way you could post something that's interesting but tangential, for kids who might be interested, and kids who aren't interested would know it's OK not to read it. Or, conversely, you could mark it #important.

Moreover, I think users would pick up the new system quickly, since tags are now so widely used on various social media.



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    Shirley Hicks

    Within web content, the concept is known as meta tags, and the idea is that users can create their own taxonomies for content. 

    I also need a similar feature, both for content and for question banks, as a way of clearly identifying which questions apply to which content sections and lessons, as I rework a set boot camp schedule to allow for holidays and other instructional content from other parts of our training program. 

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    Beth Robertson

    I completely agree.  With distance learning, we are using the Time Machine method of course setup to make everything easy for parents and students to find what is assigned or due week by week.  This structure really prevents the students from easily finding everything they need to gather / study for an assessment.  Tags would allow us to serve both of these needs.

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