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Showing Late Assignments on Gradebook page


I keep track of the number of assignments that are submitted LATE by individual students.  Currently, that means that I have to open each place where students have submitted and then check to see which names have LATE beside them.  I would love if schoology could show that on the gradebook page.  There are symbols for excused, etc.  Could there be something as simple as a red dot that automatically appears in an upper corner on the gradebook to show that that assignment was not submitted on time?  The information could be transferred right to the gradebook as soon as the assignment was submitted.  It already tells us that it is LATE on the submission page, could another notification be sent immediately to the gradebook page?  Then when I want to know how many LATE assignments a student had, I would only have to open the gradebook and quickly scan across the row. 



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    Heather Pang

    Yes please. It would also be great to have it show on the report -- I used those reports for each student when I am preparing for conferences or writing mid-semester comments, and knowing how many late assignments is essential.

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    Ms. McKay

    Yes, please!

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    Gina Ortiz

    I agree!  I need to see if an assignment is late when I am grading it and when I am transferring grades into my district gradebook.  It would be helpful to have some type of symbol on the gradebook page to indicate that it is late.

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    Ms. Hardy

    Our entire school feels this way! Lake Forest SD67.

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    Mr. Baker

    I agree! You could have the cell on the gradebook shaded light pink (or whatever color) if that assignment was turned in after the due date.  The cell can remain light pink but the teacher can remove the shade if he or she chooses.  The shaded square would allow teachers a quick glance view of who turned in an assignment on time or late.  Also, if an assignment is turned in late by a student, a late symbol or the word "Late" automatically appears next to the assignment on the student grade report.  Maybe this is a feature that individual users/teachers could enable in their Grade Setup for each course.

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    Leslie Dethlefsen

    Yes, a late doesn't carry over to the SIS either.  If you put it in the SIS (PowerSchool) and flag it as late, when you sync from Schoology, it cancels out the late flag.



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