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Can't get login


Hello, My name is kelly and i been trying to login to schoology but it not going to the right page. I don't know what wrong with it. someone help. Thanks Kelly Brown.



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Kelly,

    Very sorry to hear that you are having trouble logging into Schoology. If you are having trouble logging into Schoology via a mobile app, please review this help article:

    If you are logging into Schoology via the web, this help article may be helpful:

    Let us know if you still can't login, we are happy to help!

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    Elewa Stephens-Horsham

    Hello, my name is Elewa and I somehow can't log in to Schoology on my Mobile phone, also I can't seem to download the schoology app from the Google Play Store can you please assist me in sourcing the app to download and the previous situation mentioned. Thanks Elewa Stephens-Horsham.

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    Yimei Shao

    Hi Elewa, 

    Do you mean that you are unable to access Schoology using a web browser? Are you seeing an error message? Could you clarify the behavior you're experiencing? Does your district use an SSO (for example, do you use the same Gmail account for all of your school-related accounts?)? 

    Do you receive an error message when you attempt to download the app from the Play Store? What exact behavior are you experiencing there? Please make sure that your device has enough room and also meets our System Requirements.


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Nilton Farias
    Is anyone having trouble opening an account on the Schoology app for Android? It appears "the time of your device is not in sync with our server. Adjust the settings ..." The phone clock is correct.
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