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Accepting a range of answers


I think for Math and Science courses, it would be nice if the 'fill in the blank' answers could accept a range of answers.  For example, when students are working with pi in math their answers in the end may be slightly different depending on when they round in the problem.  If I was able to specify a MAX allowed answer and a MIN allowed answer, this would fix this issue.  I hear the same complaint from our physics teacher.



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    Christopher Benedict

    Agreed!  In Earth Science, the accuracy of the map is not always down to a specific number; a range is acceptable.  I would also like to see this fix.


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    Juliana Thomas

    Does it exist a solution for that already?

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    Charles Black

    Hello Juliana,

    This is a Feature Idea post. This post is intended to request that this feature is added to Schoology. To add your support, please click the upvote button at the top left corner of this post.

    Thank you!

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    Kristen Henley

    Yes, please! I like that we can enter an alternate answer, but there are only so many that I can think of before the students start actually submitting!

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    Ms. Calderone

    Agreed. Please add this feature. You will get much more buy-in from math and science teachers if Schoology could account for a number range. 

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