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Missing assignments Report


Is there a way to print a missing assignment report for an individual student? 

I know I can print an entire grading period, but I am looking for only missing assignments.




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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Mark,

    While this feature isn't currently available on Schoology, you might consider adding your support to an existing Feature Idea, and "upvote" it. When users upvote an idea, they let us know that the feature is important to them, and our Development Team takes these suggestions into consideration when planning our Product Roadmap.

    Thank you!

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    Miss Gearty

    I think that there SHOULD be a way to do this! 

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    Jennifer Griffith

    This program is unfunctional because it doesn't do this.  Enough to be a deal breaker. 

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    Norma Jennings

    Please add this feature. There is a real need for having the ability to create and print missing and incomplete assignments in a report format. This documentation can be used to keep up with class and individual progress as well as printed proof during parent conferences. Thank you so much for your help in this matter.

    Edited by Norma Jennings
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    Mr. Heimann

    This is very important. Especially because when a student turns in an assignment that is marked as missing, the teacher is not notified.

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