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Stop moving to the next page during a quiz/test when students press "Enter"


My co-teacher and I like to keep our Question Review setting on No for our tests on Schoology so that students can't get ideas for answers from elsewhere in the test and so that it's harder for them to cheat and share answers with each other while the test is in progress.

However, it has become super annoying for us that every time a student accidentally clicks enter on their keyboard, it automatically takes them to the next page and they are unable to go back to the previous question and complete their answer. I've worked around it by having students keep going in the test and after they've submitted, I give them a scratch paper, show them the question from my computer, and have them write down the answer of the question that they accidentally hit enter on. I know that another work around is also unsubmitting their test, which would take them back to the beginning, but this gives them an unfair advantage over other students since they are able to recheck each answer on the test that way.

It would be great if Schoology could find a way to disable students from going to the next page in the test by clicking enter.

We always warn each class before the test starts that they should NOT click enter EVER on Schoology tests, but every single time, there are always at least 2 or 3 students from each class who accidentally press enter on a question. It would save us a lot of hassle if Schoology could just make it impossible for the enter button to make the test go to the next page.



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    Sr. Prosseda

    I agree. It would be helpful if there were a confirmation step prior to advancing to the next page in a quiz. When moving to the next page, a student is essentially submitting their work (when question review is set to no). Therefore, there should be a confirmation step prior to advancing to the next page just like there is prior to submitting the quiz. 

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    Matthew Rooks

    2.5 years later and this problem still has not been addressed. This should be a relatively simple fix for Schoology. Any progress being made on this?

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