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Hide test results from students


There are times when we want to give an auto-graded assessment within schoology, but we are not ready for the student to see the overall result.  I know we can keep the score out of the grade book - but the student can still view the overall score when they select the quiz/test.



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    Kathleen Ader (58684918)

    Did you ever get help with this?  I am struggling with this too.

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    Charles Black

    Hi Kathleen,

    Since this is a Feature Idea post, it is a request to add a feature that doesn't exist in Schoology...yet!

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    Thank you!

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    Schoology, Inc.


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    Alejandro Nogara

    Very important feature missing. I really don't understand why in the quizz's configuration you can choose the students not to be able to see the results, but anyway they eventually end up finding the overall result. This is really annoying, because most times teachers will have answers that need to be revised, and for the student, it is misleading, because he will get a false hint of his result.

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    Ms. Willats

    I also want this for regular entries into the gradebook. I like to give my students their tests, marked for errors, but without scores so that students spend time looking at the *math* and less time on the points. I tried putting in into a different grading period, but students found that.

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