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I do appreciate that changes in schoology now count an assignment that is marked as missing as a "0".  This does help in keeping track of which students have turned in work, and helps show accurate grades.  However, I am having a hard time tracking which students turn things in LATE.  This is an important item to be able to track when talking to parents about why a child's grade might not be where it could be.  It would be wonderful to have the option to flag an assignment as "late" even AFTER the grade has been submitted to indicate that although the work was done, it was not submitted within the intended time frame. Schoology--can this be done?  




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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hi Tiffany,

    Thank you for your awesome feedback, we really appreciate hearing your ideas!

    I wanted to let you know that we are moving your post to our Feature Request area where we track requests like yours for new features.

    Thanks again for making your voice heard!

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    Ms. McKay


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    I give 70% for late work, so I enter 7 pts for a 10 pt assignment.  (I actually enter 7.01 so I don't count quiz grades of 7 points.)

    If you need to count the number of late assignments....

    I  export my grades to excel and write a formula that counts all the 7.01 scores.  =countif(range,7.01)

    I give homework that is worth 5 pts.  If late, I enter 3.5 pts.   So I use the formula =countif(range,3.5)


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    I would like this feature also! Late work doesn't affect my students's grades but it does influence comments on the report card / their privileges in class. Would be great if I could easily scroll through the student's grades and count the late flags, perhaps it could be added under the same functionality as Incomplete / Missing! Or perhaps under View, an option to highlight late assignments.

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